Leather Steel Sponge Rotatable Office Chair



Product Description


High-fiber leather, delicate texture, strong gloss, wear-resistant and durable, anti-fouling treatment. The interior is filled with sponge that meets environmental protection standards, which is safe and worry-free, soft and elastic, and will not get tired after sitting for a long time. Waist backrest, protect the waist, and adjust the sitting posture in line with the spine. Unique armrest, body shaped armchair back, support arm. The back of the chair can be lifted freely to meet the needs of different height groups. Polished steel five-star base, anti-oxidation, strong bearing capacity, stable support, 360° rotation without dead angle.

Item specifics


  • Model : A917-1
  • SKU : LF-21162
  • Type : Office Chair
  • Style : Modern
  • Size : Dia.65 × H120cm
  • Color : Orange / Black
  • Material : Cripi Leather + Sponge + Steel
  • Application : Office  / Home Office / Study / etc.
  • Avoid strong sunlight for a long time
  • Avoid placing it in a humid environment
  • The surface stained with water should be wiped off as soon as possible
  • Do not place corrosive substances (alcohol, aromatherapy, nail polish remover, etc.) on the surface
  • SKU: LF-21162

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