Contract Plus Executive 24/7 Posture Mesh Office Chair



Product Description

  • Ergonomic mesh back operator chair designed for continuous 24 hour daily use.
  • Tested and suitable for sitters up to 6ft 5”, this chair is ideal for the taller user.
  • BIFMA compliant and tested to BS EN 5459-2 for Heavy Duty 24/7 contract use.
  • Ideal for shift workers in call centres, emergency services, offshore facilities and security personnel.
  • UK chiropractor approved and endorsed and recommended to help ease lower back, pelvic pain, disc injuries and sciatica.
  • Height and tilt adjustable headrest provides support the head and neck.
  • Breathable mesh backrest textile accommodates users of different sizes and has a ventilating effect.
  • Ergonomic backrest with lower lumbar sculpture and split back for ultimate comfort and support.
  • Innovative split backrest design allows the upper back section to be adjusted independently for higher levels of comfort. This allows the lumbar support pad to be positioned with even greater accuracy for maximum support and tension relief.
  • Lumbar support pad provides additional ergonomic support and is adjusted via a ratchet system on the frame.
  • Sizeable contoured seat pad with waterfall front helps ease pressure on the thighs aiding circulation.
  • 5 point locking synchronous mechanism with seat slide.
  • Synchronised mechanism adjusts the angle of the seat and back rest together.
  • Lockable in 5 positions or use free floating to promote body movement and help maintain healthy posture.
  • Weight tension control is adjustable for each individual user.
  • Seat slide is adjustable to the depth of the user’s body enhancing comfort and ergonomics.
  • Height adjustable armrests topped with multi-directional arm pads help reduce the risk of RSI.
  • Blue upholstered fabric seat pad with contrasting mesh backrest in White.
  • White frame set on a 5 star base with durable twin wheel castors.
  • Suitable for Persons up to 150 Kg (23.6 stone).
  • Foams used are tested to Crib 5 BS5852 level 0, 1 & 5 and fabrics to EN1021.
  • 2 year manufacturers guarantee on moving parts.
  • 1 year manufacturers guarantee on foams and fabrics.
  • Delivered flat packed for easy self assembly.
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Chiropractor Report – Contract Plus 24/7 Posture Mesh Office Chair

Seat Slide allows the user to adjust the depth of the seat cushion to get the most comfortable seat position. This avoids any compromise of the circulation to the legs helping to decrease the incidence of Deep Vein Thrombosis. The pressure in the buttock and thigh muscles is also reduced.
Height Adjustable Lumbar Support is a cushion behind the mesh back of the chair. It is a broad and deep cushion. It can be adjusted so that the user has the support exactly where they need it reducing the pressure on the lumbar spine joints and the intervertebral discs.
Independent Lockable Seat Back Angle Tilt allows the mesh back of the chair to be angled for the highest level of comfort for the user and for the lumbar support to be positioned ensure the it is in the exact position for maximum support and tension relief. This is ideal for people suffering from lower back or pelvic pain, disc injuries and sciatica. Another advantage of this feature is that it can raise the lumbar support higher than it is in when the seat back is in the upright position making this chair suitable for users up to 6 feet 5 inches – almost 2 metres. The lumbar support cushion remains in the correct position to provide support in the correct place for the lower back relieving pain and tension in the lower back, intervertebral discs and pelvis of much taller users.
Injection Moulded Foam Seat increases comfort and helps to support the pelvis making it easier to maintain a good posture in the seat with less effort. This is great for people with pelvic or lower back problems, and coccyx pain. The waterfall front to the cushion reduces pressure on the thighs and aids circulation helping to reduce the incidence of deep vein thrombosis.
High Back Mesh Back helps to mould around the user as they lean against it whilst being breathable to enhance user comfort.
Lockable Tilt Angle allows users to lock the chair in different positions for different tasks. This improves support and allows the user to maintain a position without any effort reducing the stress on the body. This is a feature that will help people with existing lower back, disc and pelvic problems by allowing the angle of the sitting position to be changed but still allowing the user to relax onto the chair back so that there is no effort to maintain posture.
Adjustable Headrest helps to prevent neck problems, allowing the musculature of the neck and shoulders to relax, rest the head back and keep the head in a position that allows users to continue tasks. This helps people that suffer from neck, upper back or shoulder pain and headaches.
Fully Adjustable Arm Rests are height adjustable. Their positions can also be adjusted forward and backward and in and out. This helps to keep the arms supported in different tasks. This relieves tension in the upper back and neck reducing the incidence of neck pain, headaches and repetitive strain in the upper limbs.
Synchronous Mechanism allows the user to change their position between different tasks while still maintaining full support of the spine. This helps to ease the pain of, and prevent injury of, the spinal column. It has a five-point lock to provide even more support. In free float mode it encourages movement helping to reduce tension and pressure on the spine and pelvis and helps to activate the body’s own muscle blood pump.
Adjustable Tension Weight Control allows the user to tension the chairs resistance to the users body weight with the synchronous mechanism. This keeps all the support in the right place as the user moves back and forth in the chair and leans onto / moves off the chair back.
Braking Castors allow movement of he chair with the locking feature providing user safety once sitting on the chair

What does Chiropractor Approved and Endorsed mean?

This chair has been examined and tested by a UK registered Chiropractor with over 20 years of full time clinical experience – Robert Bateman BSc DC DCHA, GCC Registration No. 00412.

Every chair in the Chiropractor Endorsed range has been designed as a combination of engineering and manufacturing expertise and the natural human anatomy, biophysics and biomechanics.

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