Leather Armchair Office Chair for Modern



Product Description


1. Use Verbatim to thicken the cipri leather with a thickness of 1mm. The west leather has been tested for 100,000 times of torsion resistance, and the leather has passed the test of 200,000 times of torsion resistance.

2. E1 grade environmental protection wood.

3. Adopt multi-functional chassis, the thickness of chassis is 3.5mm.

4. High-density super-soft virgin sponge is used, of which the seat cotton reaches 45kg/m³ and the back is 35kg/m³.

5. Electroplating deep-drawn tail 65 steam rod, the nitrogen purity reaches 99.99%, the inner wall thickness is 1.5mm, and the outer wall ratio is 1.2mm.

6. Finely polished 350 aluminum alloy feet can withstand 1136kg static pressure for 1 minute, twice in a row.

7. PA+PU mute wheel (white), 100,000 cycles under 115kg load without failure.

Item specifics


  • Model : A222
  • SKU : LF-21164
  • Type : Office Chair
  • Style : Modern
  • Size : L75 × W50 × H120-130cm
  • Color : Black / Gray
  • Material : Cipri Leather + E1 Board + Sponge + Aluminum Alloy
  • Application : Office  / Home Office / Study / Meeting Room / etc.
  • Avoid strong sunlight for a long time
  • Avoid placing it in a humid environment
  • The surface stained with water should be wiped off as soon as possible
  • Do not place corrosive substances (alcohol, aromatherapy, nail polish remover, etc.) on the surface
  • SKU: LF-21164

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