Leather Ergonomic Office Chair for Modern and Italian



Product Description


Selected high-quality cipri leather, wear-resistant, skin-friendly, elastic, and comfortable to touch. The interior is filled with high-density medium-soft and high-elastic sponge, which has strong three-dimensional sense, strong support, good elasticity, and is not tired from sitting for a long time. Ergonomic design principle, scientific 4:6 seat ratio design, neck, back and waist can be comfortably supported. Curved headrest design with foam padding to support the head and protect the neck. Back support, fit the human back curve, support shoulder vertebrae, integrated support. Arched three-dimensional support, close to the lumbar spine, soft and comfortable, giving you a sense of reliability. The backrest is adjustable from 90-140°, making it comfortable to sit and lie down. High load-bearing chair feet, 65 sinking air pressure rod, high-grade large aluminum alloy feet, the universal wind moves smoothly and does not get stuck.

Item specifics


  • Model : A1927
  • SKU : LF-21166
  • Type : Office Chair
  • Style : Modern / Italian
  • Size : L85 × W50 × H125-131cm
  • Color : Yellowish-brown
  • Material : Cipri Leather + Sponge + Aluminum Alloy
  • Application : Office  / Home Office / Study / Meeting Room / etc.
  • Avoid strong sunlight for a long time
  • Avoid placing it in a humid environment
  • The surface stained with water should be wiped off as soon as possible
  • Do not place corrosive substances (alcohol, aromatherapy, nail polish remover, etc.) on the surface
  • SKU: LF-21166

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