FUTURISM Ergonomic Computer Chair



Product Description


The design of this chair is very characteristic. The s bionic spine curve fits the four curvature of the human spine. Nylon functional headrest, Korean imported mesh, PU lfting and slide arm, wide double waist support, like a big hand dragging and protecting the spine. Adaptive double lumbar support, scientifically reduce the age of the waist. Different sitting positions can provide appropriate support for the arm and relieve the pressure on the shoulder and neck. 8cm lifting handrail, comfortable three-dimensional support moves with you. The cushion is strictly selected from the original shaped sponge, which is soft, breathable and does not collapse after sitting for a long time. 50cm large sponge cushion, like cotton candy q-bounce sitting feeling.PU Mute casters,330mm nylon feet.

Item specifics


  • Model : KW169
  • SKU : LF-21141-1
  • Type : Office Chair
  • Style : Modern
  • Size : L68 × W67 × H103-120cm
  • Color : Black / Blue / Gray / Orange
  • Material : Mesh Cloth + Nylon Base+ PU Wheels + Sponge
  • Application : Office  / Home Office / Study / etc.
  • Avoid strong sunlight for a long time
  • Avoid placing it in a humid environment
  • The surface stained with water should be wiped off as soon as possible
  • Do not place corrosive substances (alcohol, aromatherapy, nail polish remover, etc.) on the surface

Additional Details

SKU:LF-21141-1Width:59.00 (cm)Height:59.00 (cm)Depth:96.00 (cm)
  • SKU: LF-21141-1

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